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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  April 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. a community is paying tribute to an 8-year-old girl stabbed over the weekend. witnesses are stepping forward to help find her killer. a red flag warning is kicking in and we will have
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some record highs on the five- day. we have an officer down, officer down... >> also the leased 911 tapes tied to one of the biggest manhunts in history. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning and we are ready, it is tuesday, april 30th, i am dave clark. >> a lot of people are depending on steve paulson. >> my daughter wants to know can i wear skirts is it going to be hot. >> they wear jeans and uggs when it is 80 degrees. >> i believe you pam, but if you are in high school, shorts every day of the year. we have a system coming by and it is right there, it is not going to cool us down, that is when the wind advisory and the
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red flag warning will start in about 5 or 6 minutes. as you come up to the caldecott, i want to mention, west 80, the big-rig has been there almost an hour blocking two lanes of the freeway and the traffic coming in from panola to el cerrito is backing way up as you head west so please give yourself some extra time as you are driving this way and traffic will be very slow on the east shore freeway. another update coming up, let's go back to the desk. a customer is accused of trying to poison customers at a starbucks. janine de la vega found out what she was doing differently when she found out what was happening, janine? >> reporter: you cannot buy
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bottled orange juice and they have removed all bottled juices and they want to be safe considering what happened yesterday. the manager called 911 after a customer reported a woman acting suspiciously. he watched her take evolution fresh orange juice and swapped them out with two bottles of the same orange juice from a bag she brought and put them on the shelf. she told employees, they examined the bottles and noticed the seals were broken and there was a toxic smell. we were told by starbucks management that the other bottle, they found nail polish remover. >> it is crossing a big line and i never heard of something
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like that having somebody come in purposefully lacing a beverage for somebody else to buy, that is way out there. >> reporter: the employee took down the woman's license plate number and she was tracked down 4 miles away and police arrested her and she was booked for felony poisoning. police believe she acted alone and they are still not sure of the motive. we are to learn more about this case and they are holding a news conference. coming up, we will tell you what else starbucks is doing in light of what happened. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is now 6:04. oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting last night. an unidentified man was found around 10:00. stray bullets hit an acc
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transit bus maybe even a house. nobody on that bus was hurt and the investigation goes on and so far no arrests have been made so far. in our continuing coverage of the killing of an 8-year-old girl leila fowler, authorities say they will not rest until the person who did this to her is arrested. alex savage is there where they are planning a vigil, alex? >> reporter: classmates are just trying to heal after this senseless crime and what they are doing is creating memorials. you can see they are paying tribute to the popular third grader and they spent the day tying pink and purple ribbons to the fence, those were her favorite colors and some students wrote notes to her. there will be sheriff's
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deputies patr ngnerally lend just as -- jenny lend just as they were yesterday. the eighth-year-old's parents stood behind sheriff's deputies but decided it would too difficult to speak. she was attacked inside her home and dna evidence was collected crime scene investigators said last night they are talking with registered sex offenders in the area although they will not say if they believe the girl was sexually assaulted. >> members of the state patrol and probation department have nearly completed and in many cases searching all known sex offenders and paroles in the area where this crime took plates. >> reporter: now we have learned this morning they were out at a little league game and
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leila fowler's brother was home at the time and he is the one who found his sister. he reported seeing a man with long gray hair and a second witness came forward seeing a man with a similar description leaving the scene on saturday afternoon. as deputies continue to hunt for her killer, we can tell you, there will be a candle light vigil which will be here at her elementary school. coming up for you at 6:30, you will hear from the district superintendent why this is so important. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. alex will be out there and don't forget any time of day you can get the latest information on this story at and you will find details on a memorial fund which has been set up for her
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family on web links. the white house just announced president barack obama will hold a news conference at 6:15 this morning. we are not sure if he will make a special announcement. we will have life coverage and also new this morning, palestinians say the man was a police officer killed while riding a motorcycle. however israeli television said they targeted an islamic militant who was involved in a reason attack on southern israel. today was the first attack carried out by israel since a cease-fire in november. they reported a powerful explosion in central damascus killed 13 people an injured 70 more. coming up at 6:15 how the obama
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administration is responsing for the u.s. to get more actively involved in that conflict in syria. we have new details in 911 tapes on the final hours of the hunt for christopher doerner back in february. >> we have an officer down, officer down... >> police officers radioed for help after two officers were shot after a tense standoff. he was inside a cabin shot and killed himself ending a rampage which left four people dead and three others injured. let's quickly go to sal, we have a stalled big-rig, where is it? >> it is -- they have just finished moving it to the shoulder which is good news, however coming in from panola it is going to be slow as you
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drive in. we have a little while to move this and traffic is beginning to recover a little bit but it's going to take awhile. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza and it is just a little lighter than it normally is. it doesn't take a genius to figure out it is stuck and the traffic is not heavy so far but those people will eventually get here and we will have kind of a late commute at the bay bridge toll plaza. this commute has not started yet. coming out of downtown san jose, it looks good, let's go to steve. we are slightly cooler and by tonight, the wind cranks up and we have a red flag warning, very strong gusts some of the higher elevations and there is a little bit out there in the
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santa cruz coasts, maybe some record highs and again this is all this evening and we get this weak front coming by. 50s on the low and it is really cool, half-moon bay, 46 degrees an "f" s o has a -- fso has a slight component and now it is 79 miles per hour, a little bit cooler and you get a little more of that westerly breeze. some patchy fog, it is hit and miss down in monterey and monterey bay, overall, 40 in tahoe, and 60 in sacramento, but another hot day down in the desert, yet foggy in santa barbara and we have big news coming in behind it, patchy fog, 60s and 70s and 80s on the temperatures and everything tonight says win i don't getting warm in fact record highs are possible thursday
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into friday and it does look cooler thursday into friday. new information coming in continually, we will tell you what was found on one of the bombs which is leading investigators into a new direction. and they are facing a new obstacle, this time there are concerns about safety. plus why the 49ers are causing a buzz on the las vegas strip. [ male announcer ] want irresistible chicken made the way you say?
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. welcome back. new information on the boston bombing case, they found female dna but think say it could have come from a marathon spectate error a clerk selling the materials but it is also possible the dna came from a female accomplice. all of this is tied to the bombing suspect and they tsrried samples of tamerlan ey said she ew nothing about the bombing d is doing everything to help out in the case. and now boston bomber suspects are getting a very point and in -- prominent
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attorney. she won several cases where many faced possible death sentence. it includes the tune bomber -- unibomber and one that injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords. investigators say it was a car bomb but it was not confirmed and jacqueline has more on where they are closely watching the violence in syria. >> reporter: pam, let's start with the explosion. state run television said the blast killed 13 people an injured 70 more. this is new video of the reported bombings. nobody is claiming credit yet for the deadly blast. rebels fighting to unsee the president bashar al assad have increasingly targeted them and they are asking president barack obama to take a more active role in syria.
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chemicals weapons are being used and our secretary chuck hagel is discussing what is going on. >> we are discussing this with intelligence agencies and for your second question, i think we should wait to get facts before we wait to make any judgments on what if any action should be taken and what kind of action. >> reporter: a white house press secretary is commenting on that report if the obama administration decides to communicate, i will have more on that when i see you next. ahead of his june trial for the fatal shooting of trayvon martin, we want to take you there live this morning where you can see attorneys there, ryan zimmerman is slightly -- george accident man is out --
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zimmer man is out of the picture but this is stemming from the 2012 shooting where george zimmer man claims he shot him in self-defense. we could learn if he stands for a defendant will claim self- defense and we will continue to monitor this and bring you any updates. and the colorado shooting suspect may be leaning towards a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. court documents suggest it will be against his will. he killed 12 people an injed 70 others and they are building a death penalty case against him and they have questioned his insanity law and the suspect is scheduled to go to trial next february. we are getting new details about a shooting that injured a driver in san lorenzo.
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the victim was found on usher street last night about 5:00. he is telling deputies, a man in a white car as he drove on northbound 880 and the shooter may have been targeting his cousin who was in the passenger seat. so far no arrests have been made and in the start of the high speed rail project, right now groundbreaking is near and they are warning the state there is no deal to build on its existing tracks and they are asking about the safety of construction work next to its freight lines through the central valley. the odds are picking the 49ers to win the next super bowl. san francisco came very close to becoming super bowl champions and we all know it is due to heartbreaking baltimore
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ravens and now they are set to win this comes after the draft and moves during the off season. pam, let's get everybody out the door, you are watching the toll plaza and everything else, sal? >> yes, a lot of people will be stuck in traffic from panola all the way to richmond because of a stalled truck which was in the lanes and they have moved it to the shoulder finally but traffic is just terrible coming from panola. if you are just waking up, 80 westbound will need an extra 20 - 30 minutes and now that the lanes are open, it should get better but it's going to be that way for the rest of the morning. let's go to the bay bridge toll, traffic is backed up from the 880 over crossing and that's about 10 to 15 minutes before you make it on the span. 237 westbound, that is beginning to fill in at the
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turn off. let's go to steve. a few high clouds are coming in and it's what is building in behind that and it is going to be high pressure and this will bring a slightly cooler pattern so mostly sunny, not as warm as yesterday, we have it a little cooler, a red flag warnings starts and windy and warmer tomorrow, record high is possible, probably not tomorrow but here is a look at that high cloud deck but red flag warnings goes, north and east bay, mainly high fire danger and that's going to scour out and it is slightly cooler on some of the lows. mid-to antioch and livermore, san rafael is 52, napa, 50 on parts of the coast and high pressure says i am building in a big way.
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mostly sunny, patchy coast fog, not a lot, higher elevations and that's going to be meaning a pretty big warmup, low-to-mid 80s for most, a little cooler than what we saw yesterday. high fire danger and some record highs and it does look like we ease up and cooler on sunday. there is another sign housing market continues here and in the bay area. 9. 3% ending in february and that's the biggest year to year gain in almost seven years. annual prices rose for the second month in a row. san francisco saw the biggest jump and the highest cab fares. the charge for a one mile road in san francisco is $1.78. a one mile road in san jose is
6:23 am
$78 and i would have thought new york had the highest. >> now we know. which elects front knicks are selling -- electronics are selling big, we have a new report and what it says and it comes at a time when one of them is cutting back on marketing expenses. >> plus an armed robbery did not go as planned, somebody turned the tables on the gunman. stay tuned for more news, weather and traffic. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪
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. a victim of an armed robbery turned the tables on a gunman. this surveillance shows him walking up behind him, grabbing the gun and chasing the man down the street. later the man drove to the gunman and asked if he would give the gun back instead the victim used the gun to smash out the rear window of the car and the two men got away. san mateo county seized dozens of guns in their investigation. here is a picture of steve bouman. a 40-year-old from foster city, they sold two assault weapons to undercover agents.
6:27 am
they found a submachine gun and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition when they searched his house. a subsequent search yielded two merisms, a shotgun, 12 -- two rifles and a shotgun and more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition. they have more than 2% while its american rival saw it drop. they took in $6.5 billion between january and march. samsung saw an increase while they were cutting back on marketing. time now 6:27 let's quickly check on your traffic, sal? >> we are looking at the south bay, we are starting there in the valley and northbound 808, we can -- 880, no major problems, we are looking at the
6:28 am
santa clara valley, 101, 85 off to a good start, hopefully your day is starting well. and are driving from fremont all the way to san jose, it does look good. let's go to steve. a high cloud deck, the good news will be tonight and we will have more on that in about ten minutes. 6:28 carjacked, two victims escaped unharmed and what they are saying about the dangerous items they recovered. you can buy coffee but what you can't buy, we will tell you what was put inside certain bottled drinks inside the this starbucks, that story coming up. çó
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. ringing the new york stock exchange, is that robert robert downey, junior? it looks like him in the middle and any way they are ringing the bell and it looks like a good day on home sales and we will have all of your business news coming up. we will smile and say good morning this is ktvu channel 2 morning news and i am dave clark. this morning starbucks is taking steps to keep customers safe following a poisoning attempt and joining us is janine de la vega to talk about the added safety precautions now in place, janeane? >> reporter: customers are reacting in shock and this starbucks is right across the street from the high school. a lot of kids come but it was
6:32 am
not coffee that was affected, it was juice. a woman walked in and took two bottles of evolution fresh orange juice and swapped it with two of the same brand bottles. a customer thought it was odd and noticed the seals were broken and they both had a toxic smell. police determined one contained alcohol and the other had nail polish remover in it. they are grateful tore customers for noticing the suspicion active -- suspicious activity. >> i think it is wonderful that people are alert and that concerned for the consuming public. >> they took down a license plate number and traced it to a home 4.5 miles away and that's where they arrested the woman
6:33 am
for philly poisenning. -- for felony poisoning. they believe she acted alone and there is no further danger to customers. they have destroyed all of the bottles in the stores and they are asking all of the area stores to remove them from the shelves if they suspect anything suspicious and starbucks says this is the first time anything like this has ever happened in any of their stores. we will have more information and later on, we will hear from the san jose police department. reporting live, janine janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. new details about a man accused of carjacking in sonoma counties. last night they arrested
6:34 am
jeffery boys. they found loaded guns and ammunition in the car he had taken. he pointed a rifle at a woman and demanded her truck last night at about 7:00. he is also accused of carjacking a man at gunpoint in roaner park just hours earlier. in both cases he escaped and his mother says he suffers from a mental illness. the cause of a fire killed a woman in hayward. it started on cyprus avenue. the 76-year-old woman was trapped inside her bedroom and a neighbor and her husband tried to rescue her but could not. both of them were treated for smoke inhalation. they will be presented with reports that track complaints on police officers.
6:35 am
they released it and according to the report, complaints actually fell by 7% last year compared to 2011. the report makes several recommendations including reinstating and documenting the ethnicity of everybody who is detained, searched and not arrested. this morning, president barack obama is expected to make a significant employment announcement for military veterans and their spouses which will be at the white house. this follows the announcement by first lady matt michaelia helping members -- first lady michelle obama for helping members. they will make this service announcement along with vice- president joseph biden and his wife. and under health insurance, the healthcare initiative will be unveiled. it was criticized as being too complicated but they are to see whether or not they qualify for
6:36 am
government assistance. the new health insurance marketplaces will start signing people up for coverage which begins january 1st. time now 6:35 time to talk baseball in the oakland coliseum which started at 7:00 last night and it finally ended at 1:40 this morning. tara moriarty is joining us at the oakland coliseum right now with more on this record- breaking game, a heck of a night, tara. >> reporter: absolutely, we are told most of these games get out at 8:00 and when he came out at midnight he was shocked they were still playing and many fans were wondering will this game ever end and then at 1:40 a.m. brandon moss came to the rescue. >> it is scored!
6:37 am
started with the 19th inning and we are finally goal going home. -- going home. >> it started in the bottom of the 19th inning and moss did get the customary whipped cream pie in the face but he was hand -- redick handed it to him and he did the honors himself. 50% of the diehard fans stayed he entire game. >> how was it? >> we have been here since 6:30 and we have been here for seven hours. >> this was the longest game played and one of the longest in major league baseball and the absolute longest, back in may when chicago white sox played milwaukee and lasted more than 8 hours with chicago
6:38 am
winning. now the shortest 9 inning was 19 and 26 between the philadelphia phillies and new york giants and the giants won in just 51 minutes so of course it was a game that any fan can sit through. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> meantime reaction from all over the world is still coming in about an nba players' announcement that he is gay. >> great for him, great for the sport, great for the overall community. jason collins the first athlete to come out while playing in a major sport. >> reporter: coming up, -- >> coming up how local students feel about a former graduate coming out. excluding bikes is gaining support from business owners. earl earlier the munis -- municipal transportation agency is causing some uproar among
6:39 am
business owners and they will be holding business meetings and bicyclists are not happy. >> sal, you are watching 80 and everything else. yes, sir, good morning to you and pam and we are starting with a look at 880 and traffic is moving along relatively well on 880 and there are no major problems and traffic is looking good passed one of the traditional spots which gets heavier later. now when you get to the toll plaza, it is backed up and it is about a 15 minutes delay before you make it onto the bridge. westbound 80 has been a mess since that earlier stalled truck but traffic is backed up from highway 4 all the way down. you heard me right, give yourself extra time on 80 or use some of the side roads
6:40 am
because it is going to take you longer. let's go to steve. sunrise over the big city, a little cooler today and boy, i tell you temperatures are starting tonight and tomorrow, mostly sunny and cool, the system slides by what we are seeingen windy and warmer record highs over the next couple of days, things have eased up and backed off a little bit. slightly cooler, even some patchy fog and it will not stand much of a chance. then tonight, red flag warning service will take us until 6:00 tomorrow night. north and east bay seems to take the most strongest of the gusts, easily 50 to 60s in the higher elevations going up and up and up and it will not take much. but it is going to -- it is not going to take much. there is high pressure already behind it and that's a
6:41 am
northwest wind turning north and northeast, half-moon bay, very cool parts of the coast even some of that patchy fog and also towards monterey. not much of a sea breeze, there is a little bit of a component but there is a slight on shore breeze, and some of that patchy fog san mateo not a lot. 40 in lake tahoe, very foggy and also san diego. that's all that is left of our system and after that we say here comes the breeze, we start slowly and patchy coastal fog, very low this evening, 60s and 70s and 80s, temperatures coming down for most locations and that will not stick, it turns around getting windy and warm, it looks very hot for some of us here thursday into friday with temperatures way above average, cooler on the weekend. 6:41 is the time right now,
6:42 am
new security measures, what will be banned from race day in the wake of the boston bombing. and a massive search continues here for the man who stabbed an 8-year-old girl to death. we will tell you how her students at the elementary school are coping with the sudden loss of a classmate. walnut creek and oakland, it is getting busier and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following, an investigation goes until a deadly shooting in oakland and an unidentified shooting victim stray bullets also hit a transit bus but nobody was hit on that bus. starbucks has removed bottled juice after an attempted boys sonning -- poisoning there. she is accused of mixing rubbing alcohol with orange jews leaving the tainted bot -- orange jews leaving the tainted
6:46 am
bottles on the store shelves. brandon moss hit a home run, the a's wouldn't leading the angels. and they were on the field for 6 hours and 32 minutes. we continue our coverage in the killing of an 8-year-old girl. tonight leila fowler will be remembered during a candle light vigil. and alex savage is there and says the search for leila fowler's killer continues, alex? >> reporter: good morning, i had a chance to talk with the district superintendent and he tells me kids seem surprisingly resilient and here is what some of those kids did yesterday. you can see they wrote notes to leila fowler a popular third grader and they put those notes up on the field. once again they will have grieve counselors and they arepy dogs available for -- therapy dogs a veil and for --
6:47 am
available for students and sheriff's deputies will be patrolling and it's not business as usual. authorities are on alert because leila fowler's killer is still on the loose. they are gather for a vigil here at the elementary school and i had a chance to speak with the district superintendent about how everyone will heel. >> obviously a it is part of the healing process coming together and having a vigil but it will be a significant event and they are celebrating her life. >> sheriff's investigators updated the search for her killer. the 8-year-old's parents stood behind sheriff's deputies but decided it was too difficult to speak out. leila fowler's 12-year-old brother reported seeing a man with long gray hair and second witness has also come forward
6:48 am
corroborating that story and that person also saw a similar man leaving the scene. we are told leila fowler's parents may possibly make a plea for leila fowler's killer to turn himself in. sal legs savage, -- alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. backpacks will now be banned for the upcoming race and at the boston bombing, bombs were hid in backpacks and they will be turning anybody away who is not formally registered for the race. extra officers will be out monitoring the course. solid trash cans may be replaced with see through bins as a precaution as well. an estimated 30,000 people are taking part in the race and this year it will be may 19th.
6:49 am
34-year-old jason collins, the first athlete to come out while playing a major pro sport. he came out with a personal essay he wrote for sports is straighted. the boston bombing end couraged him to come -- encouraged him to come out. >> he is taking the first step for gay athletes to be comfortable in their skin and be comfortable with themselves. >> he is a 12 year veteran, played for the boston celtics and now he is a free agent for the washington wizards. tonight they play in denver and it is game 5 for the playoffs. warriors lead 3 games to 1 and golden state can lead the next round of the playoffs if they win tonight. stefan curry is just hot.
6:50 am
and game 4 in oakland sunday night, stefan curry scored 32 of his 21 points in the third quarter. now we have sports reporter fred in denver, he will be there covering game 5 and he will bring you all the updates right on ktvu channel 2 morning news throughout the day, including he will be on mornings on 2 later this morning. you can also get all of the information on our website 6:50 is the time sal, how is it looking in the south bay? >> it looks okay, getting up to highway 17, that traffic is moving along nicely and there are no major problems as you drive through and traffic continues to look good so we are starting off late in the south bay and that's good it gives you enough time to get on the road before it gets crowded. also the morning commute looks good on san mateo and dumbarton
6:51 am
bridges and traffic is good in caster valley and as we tilt up and look in the antioch area, westbound highway 4 not all that bad but westbound 80 is going to be slow from panola all the way to el cerrito. let's go to the toll plaza where we have a 25 minute delay and it is becoming more crowded. >> you can see he it is associated with a weak front and if it's what is coming in behind that front, it is ushering a little bit cooler pattern. it starts tonight and goes until wednesday 50 to 60s and higher elevations go up quickly. we get a little dip and it looks like we will send them
6:52 am
right back. patchy fog, not much of an on shore breeze. today a little cooler mostly sunny and tonight we start to clear things up. mostly sunny and windy overnight and 60s and 70s, some 80s but coming down 4 or 5 degrees from yesterday's highs which were upgraded to 90s and things look cooler for the upcoming weekend. protect being immigrant workers in california, the new legislation being introduced today with savegards for both documented and undocumented workers. haunting yosemite again, why they plan to takeo tendency
6:53 am
to court. -- why a woman plans on taking yosemite to court.
6:54 am
6:55 am
. dow jones industrial average is actually down and future is expected to get high but the dow jones industrial average is down 60 points and nasdaq and s&p 500 is also
6:56 am
downright now. pay pal has signed up 50 businesses but they are having trouble convincing the world's largest retail to join. they do not want to introduce another middleman and that can drive up prices and their goal is to keep prices low, however they are working on arrival payment technology. and new reports a woman is planning a multi- million dollar lawsuit after the breakout of the virus. she claimed sheep got sick while staying there last june. she said she needs the money to pay off medical bills. remember several got sick and died because of that outbreak and it shut down parts of the village. daryle sign itberg will -- steinberg will introduce two
6:57 am
bills to protect undocumented and documented immigrants. they will report i am grant status to a -- immigrant status to report paid and unpaid workers. the second bill calls for foreign labor contractors to protect workers from scams where they end up owing more money than they can payoff to those contractors. new this morning from the tony awards just in. a short time ago, tony winter sutton foster and ferguson announced nominations cindy lawn perfect kink can i boots led -- kinkky boots led and both were nominated for best musical against bring it on and a christmas musical. by the way the awards will be held in june. let's check in with sal. traffic will be busy as you
6:58 am
drive in on the bay bridge approach and it is backed up for a 25 to 30 minute delay. also on 80, we have slow traffic on panola. the big story will be tonight when the big advisory is on, mornings on -- we will have more on mornings on 250. >> also 2 -- mornings on 2. >> also a carjacking, authorities arrested the suspect last night.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> reporter: we're live in san jose where police nab a woman spiking drinks in starbucks. we'll tell you what drinks she was targeting and we'll have reaction from starbucks. a grieving community comes together tonight to remember the young girl who became the victim of a horrible crime. >> reporter: we're live in rohnert park where police arrested a very dangerous and heavily-armed carjacking and armed suspect. new information we're learning from police. it's gone! >> a record-breaking as game at the oakland coliseum ended early this morning. "mornings on 2" begins t
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